I’m running out of ways to apologize for a lack of blogging. The truth is, it is time consuming and the past four months have been a sprint marathon of attending to my amazing clients. Blogging feels selfish and frivolous in comparison to the rest of the to-do list. It isn’t that I don’t share. I share quite a bit over on my FB page, which you can follow by clicking here. That said, I’m promising myself I will share more here – on my very own website – than on FB in the new year. But the year is almost over. So I thought it would share the project-in-progress that has taken up a lot of my time and heart in 2012: the growing of my little nephew Grey. He is now 5 months old and probably the most chill little love bug you’ll ever meet.

A lot of people say to my sister that she’s so lucky to have a professional photographer in the family, but I’d like to put an end to those comments right here and now: I’m the lucky one. I shoot my sister’s big little family quite a bit because they are among my top three supporters, and they inspire me to no end. They let me experiment and shoot without the weight of heavy expectation. It makes me so happy to help document their life. And shouldn’t we all do more of what makes us happy?

Without further ado, here’s Grey

finding out Grey would be Grey:


born. to see grey’s full birth post, click here


one month

two months

three months

four months

aaaaand at five months, we finally took the opportunity to get the whole family together.

Aaaand the card that resulted

{Josh Garrels: Farther Along}

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