i had the best time with matt and tiffany in boulder on a recent, mind-boggingly hot sunday. these guys will be my first destination wedding: they are to be wed in upstate new york in just a few weeks and i could not be more thrilled to be apart of their celebration.

they met in the dorms at the university of colorado – boulder, my alma matter. my brother-in-law was matt’s resident adviser – small world, no? they dated off and on through college. then he moved to l.a., she went to san francisco. the part of the story i’m missing is what brought them back together despite those california miles between them. eventually, he moved to be with her (swoon) in the bay (swoon) and then they moved together to his hometown in upstate new york, where they live now.

those four sentences totally oversimplify their 10 year relationship, which has withstood doubt, distance and a hundred other words that may or may not start with the letter ‘d’ that destroy other couples.

if that little story doesn’t prove to you that they are in this for the long haul, i’ll let the photos start talking.

i’d like to just make one thing very clear right off the bat: this guy knows how to plant one. my sincere congratulations to tiffany. wow.

so my clients like to jump over each other, so what? btw, tiffany is my favorite. she gets an a+ for trying :)

not difficult to look at, right?

i promise i’ll stop with the commentary, but when i asked them to stand on this wall, i had no idea there was a 30-foot drop on the other side. bravery in the name of engagement photos deserves some kind of medal.

i’ve always loved the quote etched in the library.

tiffany, you are beyond lovely.

a fav, if not the fav

another contender for favorite.

things got ugly. i can neither confirm nor deny that i gave any direction in this shot.

could they be cuter??

matt and tiffany, thank you so much for a fun day and for your patience while i put together this post for you guys. see you soon in new york!

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